The 5 Mistakes Artists Make With Email Marketing


On this episode of Creative Juice, we take a microscope to the 5 biggest mistakes artists make when it comes to email marketing, based on hundreds of artist audits inside our agency and in the wild! Hear our takes on the email marketing prowess of Billboard Top 200 artists, learn best practices to keep your fans engaged, and how to get people signing up for your list in the first place!

If you’re conflicted between wanting to love email marketing and thinking it’s as dead as MySpace, this episode will shake up those beliefs to help you avoid missteps in your own email marketing!


Where Billboard Top 200 artists are falling short on email marketing

How artists set themselves up to fail with email from the jump

What you need to leverage email marketing as a competitive advantage

What email cadence is best when planning a marketing calendar

How to make automated emails authentic and intentional

What you can learn about email marketing from Metallica, Luke Combs, and Taylor Swift


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