The Marketing for the Uninhibited Podcast Ep. 127: Email Marketing with Jackie Rodriguez

SPOILER ALERT: Email marketing is the key to having a Hustle Free Holiday Season this year.

Today, Jackie Rodriguez joins us to share her tips for using email marketing to grow your customer base and leveraging it to increase your sales with your existing customers.

Grab your notebooks because Jackie is sharing some serious email marketing tips and you won’t want to forget these – you’ll be able to take action immediately after listening to this!

This is a BEGINNERS approach to email marketing so this is for you if:

-You’re new to email marketing
-You don’t have an email list yet but you’re working to get one
-You have an email list but you’re not emailing them frequently
-You’re using email as part of your marketing strategy and you’d like to grow that list
-You’re not sure what to even talk about in your emails
-You’ve got questions about email marketing like: What is it? How do you get started? What should you even say? What if I’m not a strong writer (prefer talking/video)?

Jackie is a sleaze-free email copywriter & strategist who takes a human-centered, no-fluff approach to marketing. She helps online business owners and service providers who want to align their marketing efforts with their brand values to write captivating emails for their audience.

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Click here ( to get her Hustle-Free Email Strategy Guide specifically for product-based biz owners, plus a $50 discount for an Email Strategy Call as a thank you for joining me on today’s chat! 


Miranda Rodriguez is a Marketing Coach who helps artisans, makers and creatives break all of the conventional marketing rules. Marketing your business doesn’t have to be weird, boring or expensive. Once we figure out what your goals are, who your audience is and your daily schedule, we can make a marketing plan that works for you.Schedule a free 30 minute discovery call to learn more!


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